8117 - Titleist Pro V1x Special Play Golf Balls 2023
DescriptionNew Top Golf Ball!

In the New Titleist Pro V1x, the centre volume of the inner core has been increased by 41%, from 1” to 1.13” in size. This helps to drive down long game spin and increase stability through the air.

Titleist Pro V1 Special Play Golf Balls

Special Play numbers are all the same number (ie 66) It would be possible to mix the special play numbers if required, ie 12 dozen of #66 and 12 dozen of #99.

Titleist Special Play # Pro V1 Golf Balls.

The #1 ball in golf is now available in you number preference ranging from #00 to #99.

Be different, play your birth year or favourite number, you can choose any number to your liking and be that unique player on the golf course.

All golf balls are packed into three ball card sleeves.

Titleist balls are not shipped overseas.Product Options
Commodity Code
  • 9506320000
  • USA
Decoration Areas
  • 24mm Diameter.
Decoration Method
  • Pad Printed Spot Colour.
Decoration Position
  • Balls.
  • Ball : 42.67mm. 3 Ball Sleeve : 128mm x 42mm x 42mm. Dozen Box : 190mm x 135mm x 45mm.
Express Options
  • Not Available.
Golf Ball Colours
  • White Only
  • Urethane Cover.
Minimum Order Qty
  • 3
Packing Per Box
  • 3 Dozen: 19cm x 18cm x 15cm. Gross: 2 Kilos.6 Dozen: 30cm x 19cm x 14cm. Gross: 3.8 Kilos.12 Dozen: 29cm x 29cm x 21cm. Gross: 7.8 Kilos.18 Dozen: 28cm x 43cm x 19cm. Gross: 11.8 Kilos.24 Dozen: 41cm x 22cm x 37cm. Gross: 16 Kilos.36 Dozen: 41cm x 38cm x 31cm. Gross: 23.6 Kilos
Pre-Production Cost (excluding carriage)
  • £40 - 2 balls
Ships from AM Approval
  • New 15 & Repeats 10 Work Days
Titleist Pro V1x Special Play Golf Balls 2023